TOP local and international music acts will be playing in venues across Little Germany this weekend.

The annual Shuttle Shuffle Festival takes place on Saturday and Sunday, and features acts such as Tony Wright, - singer of Terrorvision, poet Joolz Denby and The Soapgirls.

The festival makes the most of the city’s historic merchant quarter, with concerts taking place in venues including Bradford Playhouse, The Merchant Bar and Bradford Cathedral.

Tony Wright among performers making personalised items for festival auction

Other acts performing include DJ Rory Hoy, Everyday People, Velvela, The Brookes, Purple Thread, Dalmas, Shane Pain and Zimbabwe band Jesa, and there will be workshops and open mic events.

The Shuttle Shuffle Festival started six years ago and was first held at Factory Street Studios in Dudley Hill, predominantly as a music event, with art and spoken word elements.

Following a break in 2017, Shuttle Shuffle was re-launched at Sorm Studios in Little Germany in August 2018.

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