A man was arrested at Leeds Bradford Airport last night following an "extremely scary" security incident on a Ryanair flight from Bratislava.

West Yorkshire Police confirmed that it had received a call at 10:45pm to reports of a disruptive passenger, who was arrested on suspicion of being drunk and aggressive on the flight half an hour later, when the plane finally landed.

The dramatic incident left one passenger furious at the way it was handled by both Ryanair and airport staff.

The flight was due to leave Bratislava at 8:45pm, but did not take off from Slovakia until 10:03pm. This meant it did not arrive at Leeds Bradford until 11:16pm, one hour and six minutes behind schedule.

Leeds Bradford Airport pointed out that planes are delayed for a variety of reasons often outside the airport's control, but said its team worked hard to get delayed passengers through security and baggage quickly.

The passenger, who asked to remain anonymous, said police were waiting on the runway at Leeds Bradford in order to arrest the individual.

Despite the incident eventually being resolved, the passenger remained unimpressed with how the night unfolded.

He said: "The police were waiting on the runway for the individual but the flight was already delayed.

"The whole incident was extremely scary, especially for those closer to me. Plus there were many families on the plane. I think he had a friend at the back of the plane, who was shouting.

"Then we had an extra delay on the plane even after the aforementioned person was removed.

"I then incurred £37 in additional parking costs and I didn't get home until 1:30am.

"I'm quite annoyed, both at how Ryanair and Leeds Bradford Airport dealt with the incident and also with the lack of communication.

"I'm never using Leeds Bradford Airport again. I will stick to Manchester in future!"

In a statement, Leeds Bradford Airport said: "We are aware that Flight FR5042 was delayed last night due to an incident with a passenger at Bratislava airport.

"Planes are delayed for a variety of reasons and this is outside of LBA’s control. Passengers with complaints about delays should contact their airline.

"Ryanair staff were responsible for their flight and passengers, while our team worked hard to help the delayed passengers get through security and baggage as quickly as possible at the airport.

Referring to the passenger's parking complaint, the statement added: "Details of delays are updated in real time on our website for taxis and pick-ups to refer to, to ensure they don’t incur additional parking charges."

Ryanair said: "The crew of this flight from Bratislava to Leeds (12 July) requested police assistance upon arrival after a passenger became disruptive inflight.

"The aircraft landed normally and the individual was met by police.

"The safety and comfort of our customers, crew and aircraft is our number one priority and this is now a matter for local police."

In a statement, West Yorkshire Police confirmed: "Leeds Bradford Airport called us at 10:45pm last night over reports of a disruptive passenger.

"A man has now been arrested on suspicion of being aggressive and drunk on the aircraft. He was transported into custody."