A CAR crash in Bradford involving a VW Golf has left behind massive amounts of debris, with one resident saying that it was like a "a bomb had been dropped".

Two sets of traffic lights were damaged in the 2am smash at the junction of Oak Lane and Keighley Road, with workers at the scene saying that one was "obliterated" and unable to be saved.

Meanwhile, one elderly resident was awoken by the sound and described the commotion immediately after the incident.

The brick wall at the front of his house has been destroyed by the crash, while his new £800 gate was also seriously damaged.

The man said: "There was a lot of commotion outside and I think the driver's friends took him to hospital.

"It sounded like a bomb had been dropped, it was just terrible. It's the first time this has happened to me around here.

"We've been trying to claim on the insurance because we've just had the garden done and then a day later, this has happened.

"The £800 gate has been damaged and will probably need replacing and you wouldn't think a small car could do that much damage to the wall."

A fellow resident was confident about what he had seen and heard.

He mused: "I was asleep but I heard the car noise then I looked out of the window.

"I saw a car reversing away and I'm 100 per cent sure three of them having a race. The VW Golf that crashed, a BMW and I think an Audi.

"I got scared by it and they do need cameras around here as there's too many accidents."

Meanwhile, workers on the scene fixing the surviving traffic light said they had heard the cars were racing and that they had taken out two posts (traffic lights)

One of them added: "One light has been completely obliterated and the other was carried from where it broke off into the damaged wall."

A spokesperson for Shipley Fire Station said: "It was a single vehicle road traffic collision, which occurred when a VW Golf hit a set of traffic lights and crashed into a wall.

"There was extensive damage (to the car and wall) but no persons were trapped and no paramedics were needed on the scene.

"One appliance from Shipley and one from Bradford were needed and crews stayed on the scene to make sure it was safe."

West Yorkshire Police said: "At about 1.50am yesterday, police received a report of a vehicle which had collided with a lamp post on Keighley Road at the junction with Oak Lane. 

"Officers attended and found a blue Volkswagen Golf had been left at the scene. The vehicle was recovered for examination. 

"Enquiries are continuing into this collision and anyone who witnessed it or what happened prior to it is asked to contact police on 101, quoting log 113 of August 13, or online using the reporting options on the West Yorkshire Police website."