PLANS to build over a hundred homes in Allerton, which have attracted almost 200 complaints, will be discussed by Councillors on Thursday.

It is the second time the application by Skipton Properties, for land off Ryedale Way, has gone before Bradford Council.

In 2014 the Council's Regulatory and Appeals committee approved the controversial housing development, but the housing company and the landowner were unable to reach an agreement on the proposed conditions.

Earlier this year the company submitted a full application for the site - saying they have now come to an agreement with the landowner and is able to move forward with the development if the application is approved.

But this latest plan, for 104 houses, has led to a large number of objections, and on Thursday the committee will once again make a decision on the scheme.

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Members will be told that 198 people have objected to the plans - as has Sandy Lane Parish Council.

But a report by planning officers to the committee suggests the plans be approved - pointing out that the site has been previously allocated for housing, and a similar application has been approved in the past.

It also refers to the "poor performance" in the pace at which new homes have been built across the district in recent years - including affordable homes.

Twenty of the homes in this new development would be designated as affordable.

Objectors to the homes have raised numerous issues about the plans, ranging from the impact on local wildlife, poor drainage on the site, traffic issues and poor access.

Others said the extra homes would create even more pressure on already strained services such as doctors, dentists and schools.

The Parish Council said: "Sandy Lane does not even have a health centre or doctors surgery, and Allerton's health centre is oversubscribed.

"All local schools are currently full and oversubscribed."

Planning officers admit that while many local schools are oversubscribed, there are spaces at Ley Top Primary School.

Recommending the plans for approval, the officer report says: "The need to ensure that Replacement Unitary Development Plan housing sites are implemented is further underlined by the relatively poor performance over recent years in terms of the number of new homes, particularly affordable homes, being built in the District.

"The number of new homes completed has failed to match either the actual increase in population and households in the District, or the policy based targets.

"Failure to deliver the right number of homes over an extended period runs the risk of exacerbating existing problems of overcrowding, putting increased pressure on the social housing stock which is already over-subscribed, and undermining regeneration.

"The District faces a significant challenge in securing sufficient housing to meet its need over the coming years. Local Plan work in ongoing to complete the allocations which will allocate/reallocate land for housing development but in the meantime sites that were previously developed as housing sites are acknowledged as important in dealing with current new housing demands. Therefore ensuring the delivery of development on existing identified housing sites will be the first step to meet this challenge."

The committee meets in City Hall at 10am on Thursday.