ONE of Bradford's most notorious fly-tipping blackspots was littered with waste again yesterday morning, with residents calling for cameras to be installed there.

Several pictures of fly-tipping in Ainsbury Avenue have been sent to us in the past, yet it seems the problem is no closer to being eradicated.

Christine Alvin, who took yesterday's photo, said: "The tipping has been cleared by the men who empty the litter bins.

"I find that the Council teams who deal with fly-tipping are quite prompt when they are notified.

"But the problem itself doesn't have an easy answer."

Fellow resident Carolyn Relton said: "It’s clear now there needs to be cameras placed at regular intervals to stop these vile people fly-tipping."

Meanwhile, Darren Grassby added: "We saw this this morning. It sickens my stomach! Where's the mentality in this?"

Asked for a comment, Bradford Council simply responded: "If fly-tipping is reported to Bradford Council it will be dealt with appropriately.

"Fly-tipping can be reported be calling the Council 01274 431000 or online at"