“UTTERLY disgusted”. 

That was the reaction from police officers who found 11 people crammed into a seven-seater Land Rover - including eight young children who were not strapped in. 

Bradford’s Steerside Enforcement Team, which works to tackle anti-social and criminal use of the roads, shared the shocking details on social media.

While not confirmed by police, it appears the Land Rover was stopped on Powell Avenue in Little Horton, by Horton Park. 

In a tweet, the team said: “Utterly disgusted by the driver of this Land Rover. 

“Seven seats equals seven passengers, not eleven! Especially when eight of them are under the age of 10! None of them strapped in either! The driver can go to court and explain themselves now.”

Steerside officers said the driver was reported for an offence under S.40A(c) of the Road Traffic Act as the number of passengers posed a danger of injury.

According to officers, there were three adults in the car, two nine-year-olds, three four-year-olds plus a six-year-old, a seven-year-old and a two-year-old. 

Councillor Talat Sajawal (Little Horton, Bradford Independent Group) said: “That is absolutely shocking.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous, that someone has endangered young children’s lives like that. 

“It’s so irresponsible to have children and not to have any care for their safety.

“It’s absolutely beyond me.”

He added: “To not strap children in for their own safety and to overload a vehicle.

“It’s just unbelievable. That could have quite easily turned into a tragic event, if they were involved in any sort of collision.

“The adults are in control and for them to be so irresponsible to even attempt that is just beyond words. It’s absolutely disgraceful.”

He added: “They really need to make sure people don’t even think about doing this again. How could they put the safety of young children at risk?

“People should really think twice about the safety of children and not risk children getting harmed in any sort of way. The law is there for a reason and people need to follow the law.”

The story prompted a strong reaction from readers of the Telegraph & Argus, with people sharing their own worrying experiences.

Sarah Fernley-Ackroyd wrote: “Common sight in Bradford sadly. Too often I see very young children climbing around unrestrained with no car seats in sight. People should value their children’s lives more highly.”
While Lindsey Spivey said: “This is a regular occurrence! At least this one was pulled over. They should do more stop and checks for this sort of thing.”

Simon Moore wrote: “Saw a woman at Asda the other day doing exactly the same, I then saw another woman with her mother in the back with a toddler on her knee with no seatbelt, couldn’t believe my eyes the stupidity of both of them.”

And Diane Charles said: “Seen that in Bradford many times plus kids stood up in back holding on to driver and passenger seat. In an accident or slam on they’d be straight through the window.”