UNLOVED and neglected graves have partially collapsed into the ground at Undercliffe Cemetery – causing upset for families who regularly visit their loved ones.

Photographs of the worst affected part of the Grade II* Listed cemetery, which is said to be home to hundreds of graves, show headstones and turf slowly sinking into the earth.

One family with a relative buried in the section have spoken of how disappointed they are with the state of the area immediately next to their loved one’s grave.


“Quite frankly I was appalled,” said one relative, who wished to remain anonymous.

“The graves are opening and they have collapsed into themselves.

“It was horrific and if there was a child with us I’m sure they would have been having nightmares for months afterwards.

“The graves are open and it’s like something out of a Victorian gothic film.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A handrail on these steps is "long gone" says one relative of someone buried at Undercliffe CemeteryA handrail on these steps is "long gone" says one relative of someone buried at Undercliffe Cemetery

“My granddaughter, who is six months pregnant, has been to the grave recently and she says it has got worse.

“Even the car park is starting to get overgrown.”

Steps leading down to the site are also missing a handrail and pose a threat to anyone using them who may be unsteady on their feet.

"They are on the point of collapse," the relative added.

"There was a rail going down the middle, but that's long gone."

A spokesman for Undercliffe Cemetery Charity, which helps maintain the area, said they are struggle to attract funding.

“Parts of the cemetery have been collapsing for years,” he said.

“Due to lack of funding nearly all the work there is done by volunteers.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A neglected grave at Undercliffe CemeteryA neglected grave at Undercliffe Cemetery

“You never see anybody from Bradford Council.

“We try to raise money by tours and donations from people, but there’s not enough volunteers in action and we work our socks off to try and keep it tidy.

“We’ve got a great team of volunteers; a mixture of retired and people that work there in their spare time.

“It would cost thousands of pounds to fill all the collapsed graves in and we just haven’t got the money and manpower to do this."

A spokesperson for Bradford Council said: "Responsibility for the management of Undercliffe Cemetery lies with the Undercliffe Cemetery Trust and maintenance is carried out entirely by volunteers.

"The chair of the Trustees is happy to discuss the issues raised to seek a solution and if they send us the details at bradford.gov.uk or call 01274 431000 we will pass the information on and continue to support the trustees in their efforts."