A BRADFORD based firm supporting creative freelancers has scooped a prestigious award for its work.

Creative Allies: Developed by Creatives, for Creatives, helps people in creative industries find freelance roles at its clients, as openings for permanent positions at agencies and big brands dries up.

For this work, founder Pavan Riyat-Ward picked up a CV Magazine Media Innovator of the Year award.

Mrs Riyat-Ward has cherry-picked the best freelancers to work for her clients, who are based in Bradford and across the M62 corridor.

The firm has only been going since April, but thanks to a quarter of a century of experience working for big names such as Morrisons and the Co-operative, it has been an instant success.

Mrs Riyat-Ward said: “We’ve noticed agencies and big brands are hiring fewer permanent positions, but our clients are additionally opting to bring much more creative work in-house.

“That said, they still have more specialisms to cover than ever, so these clients are plugging any knowledge gaps with freelancers, which makes perfect sense.

“We have 200 highly talented creatives we have all vetted personally and couldn’t recommend highly enough.

“We can plug into business and help clients market themselves in the right way, whether they need video footage, photography, design work, website creation - we can cover everything they might require.

“Businesses also actually end up saving money by working with us.

“You should never stop until you achieve your goals and at Creative Allies, we’re going to make this happen for so many people.”