A mum of seven who paints rocks for grieving families has described her deed as a way "to keep the memories going".

Ashlee Holt and her children decorate rocks for the district's lost loved ones before hiding them near woods and canals.

The memorials are always left with a poem, asking passersby to "take me on your travels and tell my story to those you meet".

It's been a year since Ashlee made her first memory rock, which was dedicated to 21-week-old Alf.

The 27-year-old said: "His mum really liked it, she thought it was really special.

"We’re on the 75 mark.

"Most of them are about stillborns.We’ve got a Grandma Sarnham and Granddad Yorkie.

"I’ve seen all sorts of people pick them up.

"I’ve seen joggers just jogging along and stop.

"I just get a nice feeling.

"I’ve been trying to get everybody to do it.

"It’s nice to be nice.

"I get people saying 'Do you want some money?' - it sets a good example to my children. We don’t accept any money.

"At the moment I’m just making random people happy."

Ashlee's more recent rocks have been dedicated 21-year-old Devon who had a fatal epileptic fit and biker Trafford Quantrill-Stott and his well-known mum, Debbie.

Ashlee and her eight-year-old daughter paint the rocks while her other children prefer to find their hiding spots.

The family distribute the memorials when they go metal fishing or walking - secretly guessing who will pick them up.

She said: "It gets my kids out and about. So many people will say 'It’s lovely to see you out with your children'. I like to call my kids free range."

The personal project now has its own Facebook group, Tribe Rocks, where photos show each rock's latest adventure.

Rocks can end up anywhere from local beauty spots to the seaside.

Families can ask for certain words to be added along with a nickname.

In her handwritten poem, Ashlee writes: "Leave me somewhere special with a pretty view, hope the next person comes along and takes me travelling too."

Ashlee's inbox used to get so full with requests that she now has an admin.

In each round of memorials she puts out the appeal and takes the first 25 names on each post.

The mum is appealing for more people to take part by going to their local garden centre for a bag of 100 Scottish Cobbles.

Ashlee paints a white base layer on each rock before going crazy and colourful with her designs.

She said: "I kept losing people in my inbox.

"I’ve managed to get a couple of mum's doing it.

"The more people know the more likely they are to be picked up."