A HUGELY successful street clean-up campaign in Bradford last weekend has spurred on a newly-formed campaign group to keep the streets clean with an idea for a makeover initiative for problem streets and alleys.

Almost 300 members of the public rose to the clean-up day challenge by the Bradford4Better group and cleared litter from 65 roads and alleyways around the city on Sunday, even taking the clean-up as far as Chellow Dene Reservoir.

Hundreds of bags of rubbish were collected and placed in skips which had been provided by several businesses around the district.

The council also donated bags.

Among the volunteers was Bradford West MP Naz Shah who helped collect litter and rubbish around Duckworth Lane and Allerton Road.

She said: "I think it's an amazing initiative. The community is really coming together on the issue of litter and much more as people are committed to making Bradford better. They have my full support in their efforts. I am inspired by the leadership that Inayah has shown and the volunteers that I met and worked alongside."

Now the B4B group is hoping to build on the community spirit shown last weekend by looking at starting a street makeover initiative where residents can nominate a street they want sprucing up, as long as all the residents come on board.

B4B founder Inayah Sher said: "Residents can nominate a street for small cosmetic improvements to be made, such as cleaning, weeding, painting and providing planting.

"B4B volunteers and partners will work with residents to makeover the street at no cost to residents, on the condition that the street is then maintained in the long term and residents pledge to keep it clean and litter-free. Streets will be given additional help after a successful probation period."

She said the idea had been taken from other initiatives from around the country, such as the Streets Ahead Project where residents have got together and made streets and back alleys pleasant areas for people to enjoy and children to play.

She added: "It is hoped that this makeover project will revitalise some particularly run down local areas and B4B will give an award to the most improved street/area."

Mrs Sher said the group is going to look at potential sponsors to help fund the project.

She added she was delighted with the turnout and effort by everyone at the weekend's clean-up, She said: "There was excitement, energy and a real sense of community spirit. The energy was infectious.

"This is a beginning, with many wanting to continue the momentum. We will continue to fight for a litter cleaner city that is also free from drug dealing and dangerous anti-social driving."

The next clean-up day is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 21, from 11am to 1pm.

More information can be found on the Bradford4Better Facebook page.

The group is also organising a get-together party on Saturday, August 3, from 5.30pm and 9pm at Lister Hill Innovation Centre, in Campus Road.