AN AUDI A1 was destroyed after it burst into flames at the McDonald's drive-thru at the Birstall Retail Park last night.

The engine compartment of the vehicle was completely destroyed in the blaze at 9.15pm in the business park.

A spokesman for Cleckheaton firefighters said a fault in the vehicle is thought to have caused the fire.

The McDonald's outlet was heavily smoke logged and had to be evacuated while the smoke was cleared and the vehicle recovered.

No-one was believed to have injured in the incident.

The drive-thru was closed until 3.30am today when the car was towed away.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “A small fire caused by a car occurred last night around 9.30pm, affecting the drive-thru.

"The restaurant team handled the situation quickly and professionally, and were forced to close the restaurant and the drive-thru for a short period for safety reasons.

"Business has now resumed as usual and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.”