THIS is the moment Lord Mayor of Bradford, Councillor Doreen Lee, was put into a hypnotic trance.

Cllr Lee was among the guests of honour at the Bradford Means Business Awards ceremony last Thursday night but found herself starring in the opening act when hypnotist Krystyna Lennon chose her among the volunteers to demonstrate the power of hypnosis.

“I’ve never hypnotised a Lord Mayor before,” Ms Lennon told her audience

In one part of the show Cllr Lee was told while under hypnosis that the number seven did not exist, before being asked to count her fingers and being visibly baffled when the tally repeatedly came to 11.

It was all a prelude to the main business of the night - the Bradford Means Business Awards, presented by the T&A and Bradford Council where the cream of the district’s business community came together in a marquee outside City Hall to honour the winners.