A JURY has been sworn in to try a Bradford man in connection with an alleged shooting incident on the city’s Holme Wood estate.

William Lowther, 47, denies attempting to murder Kevin Ruding and possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life on January 30 this year.

Lowther, of Copgrove Road, Holme Wood, is accused of committing the alleged offences in Greenholme Court.

Judge David Hatton QC told the jury panel at Bradford Crown Court that the trial might go into a fourth week.

“I thought it appropriate as a precaution to take the most pessimistic view about that,” he said.

Ayesha Smart, junior counsel for the prosecution, read out a list of names and locations to the panel of jurors waiting to be selected to ensure they did not know any of them.

She said the defendant was William Lowther in a trial of attempted murder, involving an alleged shooting.

Miss Smart also mentioned three locations in Bradford, Greenholme Court, Copgrove Road and Broadstone Way.

As well as the twelve jurors balloted, a thirteenth person was picked to be a substitute or “alternate.”

Judge Hatton said it was common practice in longer trials in case one of the selected jurors had to stand down for any reason in the early stages.

The eight men and four women sworn in to try Lowther were released until Thursday morning when Simon Myerson QC, leading counsel for the prosecution, will open the case.

“There are some very important case management matters that need to be resolved, possibly debated, before we begin,” Judge Hatton said.

He told the jurors that the barristers might have been ready to begin tomorrow but it would be difficult, if not impossible, to say when and he did not want to keep the panel hanging around.

The court was not sitting on Wednesday in any event and so the trial would resume on Thursday.

Judge Hatton directed the jurors not to discuss the case with anyone outside their number, at least until it was over.

Lowther is represented by Timothy Raggatt QC and Simon Hustler.