A BLUE plaque honouring the "Sherlock Holmes of forensic science" Felix M Rimmington has been unveiled at his former pharmacy, which is still in operation today after almost 180 years.

Bradford Civic Society, along with the Lord Mayor of Bradford Councillor Doreen Lee, revealed the plaque at Rimmington's Pharmacy in Bridge Street in the city centre this morning.

A pharmacist by trade Felix M Rimmington opened a pharmacy in Ivegate in 1842, but was also Bradford's foremost scientific expert.

He is perhaps best known for pioneering many modern forensic science techniques - which earned him the nickname the "Sherlock Holmes of forensic science" - and running public health initiatives.

He also helped solve the infamous 'Humbug Billy' Bradford sweet poisoning case of 1858, discovering arsenic had been used in the sweets which poisoned people who ate them, resulting in 21 deaths and hundreds of people being taken ill.

Rimmington moved his pharmacy to its current site in Bridge Street in 1875, where it has remained ever since, and for the past decade it has been in the hands of pharmacists Sajid Hussain and Qaisar Sheikh, who have gifted the blue plaque to the city.

Sajid Hussain, of Rimmington’s Pharmacy, said: “A gig thank you to Bradford Civic Society for making this dream finally come true, and a huge thank you to all our customers for their continued support and loyalty to Rimmington’s.

"We desperately need Bradfordians to attach themselves to Rimmington’s and its history. When we still have a Rimmington’s since 1842, why go elsewhere?

“Together, I’d like us to take Rimmington's Pharmacy to 2042 - to have a chemist still dispensing medicines after 200 years would be great achievement for Bradford. Something that I would like to pass on to future generations.”

Si Cunningham, of Bradford Civic Society, added: “It’s fitting that during the increasingly popular Bradford Science Festival, we are able to honour a great Bradfordian who dedicated his life to the pursuit of science and the improvement of public health.

"What’s also impressive is the dedication and passion for carrying on Felix’s work that Sajid and Qaiser are still displaying over 175 years since Rimmington’s first opened its doors. It’s been a real honour to help bring this blue plaque idea to life.”

The Lord Mayor Cllr Doreen Lee officially unveiled the plaque, which will go on display outside the pharmacy.

She said: "I have been coming to Rimmington's all my life.

"When I used to come to Bradford to go dancing, I would always come here to buy some plasters for my feet.

"It's businesses like this which keep the high street alive, with so much character and history attached to them.

"We need to start singing and shouting about Bradford and how good it is and get rid of all this negativity."

Mr Hussain added: "People can preserve our heritage with prescriptions, the best way to keep the story of Rimmington's alive is to get your prescriptions here.

"All you have to do is call and register with us and we offer a free delivery service, it is as simple as that.

"And if each of our customers gets one person to sign up it will keep us going until the 200th anniversary in 2042."

For more information or to switch to Rimmington's, call 01274 726611.