A FAMOUS knitted Bible has arrived at a local church.

Bingley Methodist Church is hosting an exhibition of scenes made by the congregation and community from St George's United Reformed Church, Hartlepool.

The intricate work has been touring the country since 2008 and has even exhibited at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

There are 34 beautifully crafted scenes, each depicting a story, beginning with creation and some Old Testament tales, then following the life of Jesus: his birth, teachings, death, and resurrection.

Church member Shirley Dixon said: “It is stunning. Each scene has characters, animals and other items that are beautifully knitted, bringing the biblical stories to life. The detail in each knitted figure, especially the smaller animals and items of food, is amazing to see.

“The Noah’s Ark has two tiny snails and even two ladybirds sitting on a leaf waiting to go on the ark. There are two giraffes as well, which are so well done.”

She added: “We have been amazed at the detail in each display. The Wedding at Cana, with the feast, includes plates of food and wedding cake as well as the water turned into wine. There are little wine goblets too. It is incredible - every time you look you see something different.”

The Reverend David McAloon said: “We are delighted to be hosting the Knitted Bible Exhibition. It is a wonderful opportunity to bring this innovative and beautifully presented piece of work here to our church.

“This exhibition has been touring the country now for many years since the first inspiration came to the people of St George’s United Reformed Church in Hartlepool to create the scene of The Last Supper. But, as they say on their website, enthusiasm and imagination combined to make them much more ambitious, ultimately creating 34 of the most notable and inspirational scenes from both the Old and the New Testament.”

The project came to the notice of church members in Bingley when one of them saw it while on holiday.

Added Mr McAloon: “I would encourage people to come and see the fine craftwork that has gone into the preparation of this work and to spend just a moment to experience, perhaps for the first time, some of the stories that they represent.”

The Bible will be displayed at Bingley Methodist Church in Herbert Street, off Mornington Road, from Thursday, July 18, to Tuesday, July 23. Viewing is from 10am to 4pm daily. On Sunday, July 21, the church is open for viewing from 1pm to 4pm.

Refreshments and light lunches are available.