A KNIFE-WIELDING robber who leapt on to a betting shop counter and threatened to stab the staff if they did not hand over the money has been jailed for three years and four months.

Amrad Hussain terrorised two employees at Betfred before grabbing £110 from the till and fleeing, Bradford Crown Court heard today.

Hussain, 34, of no fixed address, then snapped the knife in half, called the police and lay down in the street waiting to be arrested.

He pleaded guilty to robbing Betfred in King Cross Road, Halifax, at 6pm on April 16, and possession of a knife.

Prosecutor Dave MacKay told the court that Hussain had 11 previous convictions for 22 offences, including possession of a knuckle duster and robbery of a shop.

He was armed with a large kitchen knife when he threatened the staff at Betfred, demanding: “Give me your money or you are going to get stabbed.”

He jumped up on the counter and seized the cash as members of the public ran from the shop.

Once outside, he lay down in the street with his arms and legs spread waiting to be apprehended.

Hussain’s barrister, Conor Quinn, said he was homeless at the time and abusing Class A drugs and alcohol.

He was battling feelings of anxiety, paranoia, stress and worthlessness.

Mr Quinn said Hussain wanted to be caught so he could receive food and shelter.

“There’s a significant degree of a cry for help in this case,” he said.

Judge Jonathan Rose conceded that Hussain was troubled by earlier events in his life.

But his selfishness and self-interest had terrified the staff members and alarmed members of the public who were in the shop.