A CHARITY could soon take over a long empty library building in Allerton.

The former Allerton Library, on the corner of Allerton Road and Greenbank Road, has been empty for over 13 years, and is currently in a derelict state.

At a meeting of Bradford Council’s Regulatory and Appeals Committee this afternoon, members will hear from Rooted In, which wants to transform the building into a community cafe where people can learn vital skills.

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The building is run by a trust - with Bradford Council being the only trustee. The committee will meet as trustees and be asked to agree to a community asset transfer that would allow the charity to take over the building. They will be told that the building is currently a “blight on the neighbourhood” and that transferring it to the charity would see the building brought back to a community use.

The building was donated to the Council by former councillor Angus Hardy Rhodes in 1916. Originally two cottages, the building was converted into a library and reading room, operated until 2005. It is held in a trust, of which Bradford Council are sole trustees, with the condition that the building only be used for educational use.

The committee meets in City Hall at 1pm.