THE former Brighouse swimming baths could be turned into a doggy day care centre with a hydrotherapy pool.

Plans have been submitted to Calderdale Council to convert the building on Mill Royd Street, offering training, rehabilitation through swimming, and exercise for dogs.

The business, called Paddle and Chase, will also make use of the land around the single storey building, creating a yard for the animals to use.

As a change of use application, there are no alterations proposed to the exterior structure of the building, although internal alterations such as stud partitions will be required, as well as new fencing along the boundaries

Applicant Charlotte Marsh outlines that the firm aims to facilitate “off lead socialisation and training, in a safe and fun environment”.

She states: “The building will be split into several different areas so that we are covering each dog’s needs. From the main floor for our bouncier and higher energy dogs, to a sensory room for older dogs or dogs that need more space in a calmer environment, with different levels of stimulation.

“We will then have a puppy area for those younger dogs finding their feet and starting to learn their rules and boundaries with new friends. To our hydrotherapy room for dogs to experience a different type of exercise and recover from injuries through rehabilitation with our fully qualified hydrotherapist.

“All dogs that will be entering our doors will firstly have to pass a temperament assessment by our qualified canine behaviourist. This is so we can find out about the dog and its needs to ensure all our dogs and staff are mixing with the appropriate dogs.

“We know that all dogs have different needs, so we can find out which ones need extra training or who needs a bit more space from the higher energy dogs. The care we provide will be specific to each dog to ensure that all their needs are met.”

The swimming baths closed down in 2006 and has more recently been used as a garden centre.

The firm will also allow local dog rescue centres and charities to use their facilities without charge to ensure their dogs get the “extra stimulation, training and socialisation to help them in their goal to be adopted”.

She states: “We believe that Paddle and Chase will be a great addition to the local community and with everything we do we will create a positive impact.

“By setting up our business at The Old Public Baths in Brighouse, we will be restoring a well-known building that has been empty since 2006. Our business will offer a new and unique service to the area and we hope to create more jobs for Brighouse by employing part and full-time employees as the business expands.”

They also hope to offer “weekend shopping care” allowing dog owners the chance to explore the local shops while their pets are cared for.

A decision is expected to be made by the Council next month.