A NEWLY-formed social pressure group in Bradford is organising a district-wide clean-up which is being supported by local businesses and the council.

Bradford4Better (B4B) was started in April to campaign against danger driving, littering, drug issues and anti-social behaviour.

The group, which has grown at a rapid pace since its inception, campaigns regularly with placards in and around Bradford, particularly in Leeds Road, Great Horton Road and City Park.

It was begun by Bradford woman Inayah Sher who said she wanted to start a clean-up campaign to honour her late father who took pride in his neighbourhood.

However, her humble idea has snowballed into what she says is a highly successful grassroots movement, calling for social change in her local area.

She said: "B4B has tapped into deep-rooted frustrations among Bradford residents about issues including littered streets, reckless driving, late night fireworks and a brazen culture of drug dealing, which is destroying communities."

Now, the group, which has no funding, and is made up entirely of volunteers, aims to begin tackling these issues with its first major project, a district-wide clean up campaign, scheduled to take place on Sunday, July 21 between 11am and 1pm.

Mrs Sher added: "We have been overwhelmed with support from businesses such as Akhbar's, Pakeezah food suppliers, AMC Wholesale, Kar Skip Hire, Narang cash and carry and Aslams Carpets who have all donated skips for us to put the rubbish in we collect.

"The council has donated green collection bags and Killinghall DIY store has donated litter picks."

Mrs Sher said anyone who feels they can give some of their time to join other volunteers to help with the clean-up can meet the groups in Manningham Lane, Leeds Road, Great Horton Road, Sunbridge Road, Haworth Road, Little Horton Lane, Allerton Road and Duckworth Road.

Several other small streets and roads are also being tidied up around Bradford.

She added: "The day of clean-up action brings together a diverse set of groups and individuals, religious institutions, schools and businesses; all working together to reclaim and reinvigorate the city.

"Local councillors from across the district, as well as Labour MP for Bradford West, Naz Shah, have offered their support to the campaign.

"B4B is a positive action pressure group with a strong core membership on social media, where members regularly report matters such as dangerous driving and parking, and fly tipping hotspots. A dedicated Facebook page, as well as a growing WhatsApp group enables members to gain support and advice for how to follow up with agencies for best results.

"The group has a committed leadership team comprising of residents and professionals with a wide range of experience in the public and private sectors. Key members include business owners, medical and legal professionals. The team aims to work with top decision makers in the long-term campaign to turn around the image of Bradford."

Mrs Sher says they welcome all assistance from the police and council and appreciate the funding cut-backs have overburdened the council.

"We want to support the council and educate the people that they can't expect others to clear up after them.

"Don't drop litter in the first place and if you do, pick it up. If you see some litter outside your home, pick it up. It's not rocket science. B4B urges its members to stop expecting 'someone else to do it' and rise up together, as a united force for good," she added.

Mrs Sher donates 50 hours a week of her own time to push the ethos of B4B forward and has been working round the clock to organise the city-wide clean-up on Sunday.

"Everyone involved is a volunteer. We don't get paid and we give our time freely because we want to make a difference.

"We want to educate people, especially children, that anti-social behaviour and crime is unacceptable and that it is up to ourselves to make Bradford a better place, not someone else," she said.

The group can be found on Facebook where details of their campaign can be found.

Everyone is welcome to go along to one of the main clean-up areas and lend a hand. Equipment is being provided.