A TEAM of tech-savvy students from Bradford have picked up investment for an app aiming to make the second hand car market more transparent.

The 20 students from Laisterdyke Leadership Academy have researched and developed their MechFix app, and presented it to industry experts at a national programme led by Digital Advantage.

The pupils will work alongside the company and EXA Networks to further research the marked and develop a prototype app which they hope to launch on mobile app stores.

In recognition of the work the MechFix team have put in, their school has won a cheque for £2,000.

The app helps drivers find trusted mechanics, store their car’s service history and maintenance record, and buyers can also view information about a car’s MOT, insurance, tax and service history.

Karen Jones, principal at Laisterdyke, said: “We are all very proud of the team.

“This is an exceptional achievement for the school and by all the pupils involved with this programme.

“Taking part in schemes like this help apply what is learned in the curriculum to real life situations and prepares our pupils to join a job market that places high value on digital skills.”