UNISON has said it will try and curb noise caused by striking staff at Bradford Royal Infirmary, following a complaint from a patient at the hospital.

The patient, who asked to remain anonymous, said the “appalling din” caused by a megaphone being used by strikers and car horns were causing him “misery”.

Staff are striking over the Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s plans to move non-medical staff contracts to a wholly-owned subsidiary company to make £28m of savings.

Staff are concerned about losing their employment rights in the switch, while the Trust has assured them they will not be affected by the change.

Natalie Ratcliffe, regional officer for Unison, said it was hard to control some of the noise made.

She said: “The last thing we want is for patients to be upset, it has never been our intention.

“It’s difficult to control the noise, we cannot stop people tooting their horns.

“The megaphone is not particularly loud but we will try to curb it.”

A spokesperson for the Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust added: “Rest and sleep are an important part of recovery for our patients so we have asked colleagues on the picket lines to be mindful of this.

“On a couple of occasions when there was a high level of noise, they responded respectfully and with consideration.”

Staff have been protesting all week at BRI and St Luke’s over the proposals.