A BRADFORD dad says his life has been “destroyed” by a malicious social media campaign against him which resulted in him being wrongly accused of “sleeping with underage girls”.

Kyle Walker, aged 31, currently living in BD4 and a member of the travelling community, says a group of people set up fake Facebook accounts in his name to make it appear as if he was arranging to meet underage girls and take them out in his van.

He was reported to police but an in-depth investigation has now concluded, with officers stating that “no further action” will be taken against Mr Walker.

And after Mr Walker reported the malicious Facebook accounts and messages, police say those purporting to be Mr Walker “appear to be fake”, and the underage girl accounts were also made up.

Mr Walker said the campaign has had a dreadful impact on him, believing his vehicle and home were vandalised as a result. He also blames the campaign for the turmoil in his marriage.

Speaking about the ordeal, Mr Walker said: “It’s all messed up. Basically I was accused of sleeping with underage girls and had my home and vehicle vandalised.

“I was deliberately targeted. They were just messaging back and forth from other fake accounts pretending to be other people, saying that I was going out in my van and meeting underage women.

“I’ve had the police investigate this and they have now concluded it was all made up, and a fake and a malicious attack.

“These people know what they’ve done and they’re not bothered. It’s destroyed my life.”

He also showed the Telegraph & Argus his own real Facebook profile, KandJ Propertysolutions, which lists him as having studied at Laisterdyke Leadership Academy and has a profile picture with a quote.

It reads: “The couples that are meant to be are the ones who go through everything that’s designed to tear them apart.”

However, he also pointed out two fake accounts that show something different. One has a profile picture with a garage door and the other has just a blank silhouette of a man’s head.

Both list “Kyle” as self-employed” and “self taught” and it is these profiles that the messages were allegedly sent from.

Mr Walker said: “They opened my Facebook page and copied photos and numbers so when you clicked on the page it looked identical to mine, but they missed out certain key bits from my front profile.

“They didn’t match so you could spot they were fake. There were two fake pages which I reported to Facebook and shared all over Facebook.

“They got shut down.

“There was another fake page which was blocked so you couldn’t see a name on it, it was just “Facebook User” and another that was traced and shut down.

West Yorkshire Police sent an official letter to Mr Walker on June 14, reassuring him that he had no case to answer to.

A spokesperson for the force clarified that the “no further action” statement related to the allegation against Mr Walker.

The official letter sent to Mr Walker says: “I can confirm that this matter has been investigated and has been filed with no further action.

“From investigating this matter, there have been a number of Facebook messages that have been sent from various different accounts and enquiries have revealed that they appear to be fake accounts and from speaking to all parties involved is a potentially a malicious report.

“I appreciate that being investigated for such a sensitive matter has caused you a great deal of stress and I thank you for your patience whilst enquiries were being made.”