SHE’S a feline Facebook phenomenon.

It was her role as the senior pest controller at Huddersfield Train Station that initially catapulted Felix the cat into social media stardom.

Since the publication of ‘Felix The Railway Cat’ which became one of the top-selling titles in 2017- Felix has notched up hundreds of thousands of ‘likes’ online and the tales of her adventures will no doubt continue to be a hit with the follow-up book ‘Full Steam Ahead Felix’ which I recently had the pleasure of reading.

Animals and humans already share a fascinating relationship. Animals have been used for therapy, bringing joy to patients in nursing environments. Cats in particular can be extremely intuitive creatures as Felix demonstrates on more than one occasion through the stories of the impact she has had on the lives of those she has touched through her role of keeping the pigeons at bay while on patrol on the station platforms.

Among her fans, and friends, are Felix’s colleagues Angie Hunte and Angela Dunn. They look after Felix’s well-being making sure she isn’t overwhelmed by her celebrity status and can comfortably take stardom in her stride.

Felix’s station friends also help to grant wishes - arranging meetings for fans such as Gloria, known as the ‘Bucket List Lady’ who travelled from her Devon home to meet Felix after making friends with her online.

Diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis, Gloria wasn’t sure of the time she had left and was keen to fulfill her dreams - one of which was to meet Felix and thanks to Felix’s colleagues she did.

Their connection was instant as the book documents:- ‘as Gloria enjoyed the audience with the station cat, the two Angelas exchanged looks of silent astonishment. They had never, ever seen Felix behave in quite this way before.’

Felix’s colleagues noticed how their feline friend, who often grew impatient with guests, was in no rush to leave Gloria giving her all the time she needed.

Young Eva was another fan whose dream to meet Felix came true. Despite her vision problems in her left eye the little girl loves drawing pictures - particularly of her favourite feline - and to mark such a special occasion Eva wore her medical eyepatch on which she had created a picture of Felix.

There are many more recollections in this beautiful book which encapsulates a whole range of emotions. It is humorous and heartbreaking but, above all, it’s about real life and the joy pets in particular bring to lives.

Who wouldn’t be moved by comments such as Eva’s conversation with her feline friend. ‘You take my mind off all these eye things. ‘You make me so very happy. ‘Thank you Felix.’

The book documents how ‘Felix changed people’s lives. She saved people’s lives’ - and long may it continue.

Of course, working along a train station platform brings its perils but this plucky cat wasn’t ready to give up any of her lives just yet as readers discover.

An expert at crossing the tracks, this particular day Felix struggled to get her footing to scramble up on to the platform - a scene which left her on-looking colleague in a state of panic as he saw an oncoming train.

Thankfully, it was a happy ending and Felix lived to tell many more tales - one of which is bound to lead to another book..... The arrival of her kitten apprentice, Bolt.

The new recruit, christened after Billy Bolt, a well-loved former Huddersfield Train station colleague, will share the responsibilities of being a railway cat but for now Felix is busy showing him who is the boss!

A wonderful book, well worth reading.‘

'Full Steam Ahead Felix' by Kate Moore is published by Michael Joseph. It is priced at £12.99 and is available from July 11 2019 from Amazon or local bookshops. Waterstones Huddersfield is also offering special ‘pawtographed’ copies!

Royalties from the book’s sale will be donated equally between Action for Children and Huddersfield Samaritans.