A campaign group has urged Bradford Council to “properly scrutinise” the finer details of plans to build over 400 houses on green space.

Greenhill Action Group (GAG) has criticised developers Redrow and Bellway for “rushing” the latest proposals after giving residents just one week to comment on the Sty Lane site in Micklethwaite, Bingley.

The new document focuses on the appearance of buildings, layout, scale and landscaping in line with rules set by Sajid Javid, the former secretary of state for communities and local government.

Richard Kunz, chairman of GAG, feels that the developers are “trying to do the minimum” to reach the requirements set by Mr Javid.

“We feel it’s the developer trying to preserve their planning application at the moment.

“The local community’s still got great concerns to the highway access and the bridge.

“They’ve (Redrow and Bellway) only got three months to get all the information into the council.

“This is a crucial part of the planning, it’s about the appearance of the buildings.

“It’s so important that the council scrutinises properly.”

Mr Kunz reaffirmed the group is not asking to reduce the number of houses but to make sure buildings there are not “three storey buildings adjacent to the canal.”

Campaigners feel there is no indication on the site plan as to the number of storeys of the houses at the edges of the site and those bordering the canal.

GAG says the development is still too large to allow for good access in and out of the estate.

Guidelines mean there has to be 25 metres from the canal to the houses but Mr Kunz said this is not reflected in the application.

Mr Kunz said: “The indicative site plan does not show a wide enough natural habitat strip in front of the houses that are bordering the canal, as was requested by GAG in its environmental and conservation report as presented to the developers, Bingley Town Council and to BMDC planning department.”

GAG is liaising with Redrow and Bellway to ensure guidelines are met but says more could be done within the community.

Mr Kunz said developers normally host a proper consultation where they talk through the plans at an exhibition-style event.

He said: “ In this there’s very little information for people to comprehend.”

But Matt Grayson, communications director at Redrow, insists the scheme is “detailed”.

The application calls to remove the current swing bridge with one offering vehicle and pedestrian access and new access off Sty Lane and Micklethwaite Lane and off site highway works.

Mr Grayson said: “We are preparing a detailed scheme for the Sty Lane development, which will bring investment, jobs and much-needed homes to Bingley.

“As part of this, we are engaging with the community and anyone who wishes to comment can visit stylane.co.uk”

Other plans include a pedestrian bridge near the head of Canal Road, emergency and limited access off Oakwood Drive and pedestrian and cycle access to Fairfax Road.

The deadline for comments to be received/posted online is tomorrow, June 28.

No representative from developer Bellway was available for comment.