A RECENT Ofsted inspection has found the nursing apprenticeships programme at the University of Bradford is making "reasonable progress" since being created in January 2018.

The University currently has 95 apprentices working towards a Level 5 apprenticeship in nursing, working with NHS trusts across Yorkshire.

In the report, Ofsted said the programme is "building on the success" of Bradford's nursing degree course.

It said: "Senior leaders have established a clear rationale for the delivery of the apprenticeship programme.

"They have built on their successful nursing degree programme to respond to local NHS trusts’ requirements for nurse associates.

"They work well with employers to plan the curriculum, and apprentices benefit from high quality learning resources that meet professional and clinical standards.

"Teaching staff are well experienced and use their clinical and research expertise well to motivate apprentices and develop their vocational and academic skills.

"Lecturers use their extensive subject knowledge and vocational expertise well to enable apprentices to develop new skills, knowledge and behaviours that meet clinical and workplace standards.

"Most apprentices quickly develop and use their English, mathematical and digital skills in their job roles and use them confidently.

"Leaders and managers place a high priority on ensuring that apprentices are safe. Apprentices know how to report any concerns that they may have.

"Managers ensure that appropriate safeguarding policies and procedures are in place. Staff are skilled at identifying any changes in behaviour that may indicate that an apprentice is unsafe or at risk.

"Apprentices, through frequent training, have a broad understanding of how to keep themselves safe. They know how to recognise signs of abuse and radicalisation and how to remain safe when online."

One area the University was told it needs to improve is ensuring leaders make sure the English and maths teaching apprentices receive is of sufficient quality.