A GOVERNMENT planning inspector has dismissed an appeal to build homes on the Green Belt.

Last year Bradford Council refused a planning application by a Stephen Haworth to build two houses in the garden of 74 Glen Lee Lane on the outskirts of Keighley.

Officers said the houses would "represent further encroachment of built development in this Green Belt location."

The applicant appealed that decision, and the plans were then scrutinised by a government appointed planning inspector. They have now backed Bradford Council's decision, and dismissed the appeal.

Appeal to convert Greenbelt building into housing is dismissed

Inspector Felicity Thompson said: "The development would introduce two buildings to the site where there is

currently none. The permanent impact of two houses occupying a reasonably significant proportion of land, along with associated domestic paraphernalia, would undoubtedly have a greater impact on openness. Consequently, the proposal constitutes inappropriate development in the Green Belt which is, by definition, harmful to the Green Belt."