Baildon residents have urged the public not to use illegal pesticides on bee swarms after an entire colony was killed by spray banned for over seven years.

A beekeeper was called to a footpath near Baildon Bank to contain the queen and her colony in a polystyrene box.

The expert left for about 30 minutes as he waited for the colony to settle into the box - which would have happened before dusk.

Upon his return the box had been kicked over from the path with a strong smell of illegal insecticide in the air.

The beekeeper said: "If you find a swarm, they are usually very docile and will only attack if you interfere with them.

"They have no stores to protect, only a queen on which their future depends."

If you see a swarm anywhere people can find a beekeeper on The British Beekeepers Association website.

While the local swarm co-ordinator for Bradford Beekeepers can be contacted on 07564 688957.