A 29-year-old model from Guiseley has been revealed as one of the latest singletons to join ITV's Love Island villa.

Tom Walker made his TV debut alongside fellow newcomer Jordan Hames before wining and dining islanders, Maura Higgins and Anna Vakili.

Viewers may recognise the model, who describes himself as 'a solid eight' in looks, as the face of TV adverts and billboard campaigns.

Tom told show bosses he is looking for "someone who has got nice eyes, good energy and good banter."

Tom, who referred to his job as being 'a mannequin', says he is nosy, always asking questions and a 'yes man'.

The model described his dream girl by saying: "Someone that I can be myself around. I don’t have to play anything up or play anything down.

"Someone who has got an energy for life, enjoys travelling and socialising."

Before joining the show Tom revealed to show bosses which girls had caught his attention.

He said: "Maura is a cannon. She’s gone in there and torn it up. She might be a bit too hot to handle.

"I really like Elma. She’s got a look I tend to go for.

"From day one I liked the look of Lucie, although she seems pretty happy and settled with Joe. I’ll find out whether she is when I get in."

And, fittingly, Tom's first island date with Maura seemed to go well.

Maura later said: “Sorry huns, I was enjoying my champagne with hunky Tom. Living the dream.

"I did feel a bit smug walking into there hand in hand with hunky Tom."

When asked if Tom was her type, she said: "He's chatty, everything. I mean, he's really good looking. Yeah, I like him - obviously I want to get to know him."

But tension brewed soon enough when the model began to make conversation with other girls, including Elma who he had admitted to liking in a villa discussion.

Maura watched on with jealousy while Anton Danyluk, who is coupled up with Elma, was warned Tom's enthusiasm could affect his romance.

Tom told show bosses that his approach to dating in the villa will be an "honest" one.

He said: "I’m a man’s man. I get on well with guys, I’ve grown up playing football. But I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do. We’re all in there for the same reason.

"I’m a loyal person. Never say never to the wandering eye because it’s the way of the show. You feel like you’re really into one person but then who knows?

"I will make calculated decisions and I’m not going to go rushing in. But I’m loyal so I don’t think I’ll be messing people around too much," he said.