THE recent heavy rainfalls and threat of flooding will have reminded many Bradfordians of the time when their city and district was submerged.

Down the years subways have been filled with water and cars were apparently not so far off floating in heavy rainfalls which caused Bradford to become waterlogged.

The worst floods were in 1946 when the whole of the city centre from Thornton Road to Canal Road was underwater as a result of heavy rainfall.

In 1968 a violent thunderstorm left Bradford 'besieged by water' according to the T&A report , and in 1982 police frogmen were sent to check for casualties as torrents of water swept down the subways.

Between 1990 and 1993 the Bradford Beck Alleviation Scheme took place involving the construction of a 1.3km of 3.7m-diameter concrete tunnel underneath the city centre, to divert water away.

Sally Clifford looks back at some of the scenes in photos from the T&A archive.