THOSE in charge of bringing Co-Op's robbers and raiders to justice have had their say on what is being done to tackle the issue, in Bradford and across the country.

After a cash machine was stolen from the Heaton store on Tuesday morning, it became the 11th Co-Op to be targeted in Bradford over the last 10 months.

Yesterday, West Yorkshire Police confirmed that 11 arrests have been made in total regarding armed robberies on convenience stores and attacks on cash machines in 2019.

Detective Chief Inspector Lee Speight, of Bradford District Police, said: “Detectives in Bradford District are working closely with West Yorkshire Police’s specialist resources and neighbouring forces to identify those involved in attacks on cash machines.

“Crime prevention work is also continuing with cash machine providers in West Yorkshire locations to prevent further incidents.

“There have been three arrests in connection with attacks on cash machines in Bradford District this year and a 33-year-old man was charged and remanded last month for causing criminal damage to a cash machine in the city centre.

“Seven males aged between 15 and 19 have also been arrested in a separate ongoing investigation by detectives into a series of armed robberies at convenience stores across Bradford District between February and May of this year.

“We encourage members of the public to assist us by reporting any suspicious activity around cash machines, particularly where 4x4-type vehicles and high powered cars are present.

“Information can be reported by calling 101, at or provided anonymously to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”

A spokesman from Cardtronics, who operate ATM's at the Co-Op said: “We know how important it is for local communities to be able to access cash so we have deployed our "Secure ATM" initiative across our network.

“Our machines use cutting edge technologies to stop ATM attacks and protect local access to cash, including Forensic DNA markers, an invisible gel that traces a criminal for up to 5 years following an attack.

“We are working extensively with police up and down the country to find, arrest and convict the people responsible for these attacks against our communities.

“The net is closing on criminals who attack our machines; in the past 18 months, we helped law enforcement officers catch and convict over 200 criminals and secure over 400 years in prison sentences.

“So, whoever attacked this machine (in Heaton) should know that chances are very high they will be caught and convicted.”

A new Co-Op scheme, Safer Colleagues, Safer Communities is dedicated to maintaining investment in technology and security measures to keep colleagues safe. It has seen £70m invested in the previous three years.

It also focuses on building on increased support to community groups who tackle the root causes of violent crime to help individuals in those communities to reach their full potential.