A BRADFORD beggar has been issued with a three-year Criminal Behaviour Order.

Police say Stafford Lawson has been a persistent beggar in the Bradford West and City areas.

The order prohibits him from begging and under its terms he must not ask anyone for money or goods including cigarettes or alcohol except as a retail purchase or banking transaction or as part of employment or a genuine benefit claim.

He also must not sit, sleep or loiter with any item which would lead someone else to believe he is homeless or begging. And he cannot enter a central area of Bradford unless he has a planned appointment.

If he breaks the terms of the CBO, he risks arrest and may be fined or sent to prison. Any breaches can be reported on the 101 phone line.

PC Sarah Barberini tweeting a copy of the CBO after the sentencing, saying: "People like this detract from those who are genuinely homeless and in need."