A FORMER hospital in the Greenbelt could be demolished to make way for a new housing development.

Stoney Ridge Hospital is based in a rural area between Heaton and Cottingley.

The facility used to provide day services for people with learning disabilities, but the site was sold in 2017.

Now a planning application submitted to Bradford Council calls for the hospital buildings to be demolished and thirteen three and four bed houses built in their place.

The plans have been submitted by Leeds based developers Eshton, who describe the proposals as a “high quality and attractive development.”

The site is described as being in the Bingley area, although it is also close to Heaton.

In their application, the company warns that if the land is not developed, the isolated site could become a hot spot for anti-social behaviour, attracting “fly tipping, vandals and groups of youths.”

They acknowledge the site lies in Greenbelt, which would normally prove a major hurdle to a housing development, but point out the site has already been built on.

'Retirement village' plan for long empty Bingley site approved

And the application claims it would be “unviable” to convert the existing buildings on the site into housing, as it would make the redevelopment of the site “unviable.” The proposals also include space for 28 cars.

The hospital was run by the Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust until it was sold.

The planning application submitted by Eshton says: “It is acknowledged that the site is located in green belt however it is previously developed, with built form, with tree lined boundaries providing screening and on the fringe of existing housing in this area of Bingley, not an isolated site with no local amenities and poor transport links. It has been investigated if the existing buildings can be used for development – it is assumed that the local authority accepts the only viable future use of this site is housing – however, due to their footplate, form, arrangement, site levels, etc this would not create enough accommodation to make this approach to the site a viable project.

“The modern structures can not be converted so will need to be removed and the footplates / heights, etc. of the existing buildings created a limited number of proposed units.”

“The site is currently un-used and if left undeveloped could become a long-term nuisance site, attracting fly tipping, travellers, vandals, drug users, groups of youths etc. resulting in vandalism, litter and other problems for the local area - an undesirable part of an otherwise pleasant residential area.

“It is considered that the proposals represent a significant opportunity to secure the positive re-development of this site, with a high quality and attractive development, which will, in our view, enhance this site and surrounding area as a whole.

“Overall, careful thought has been given to the design, layout and massing of the proposed development. As such it is considered that the design of the proposal is appropriate, and it is our view that the new development will have a positive impact in this area of Bingley.”

Bradford Council’s Environmental Health department has suggested that one condition of the development be that each property has at least one electric vehicle charging point.

A decision on the application is expected in late August.