A DESPONDENT self-employed Bradford businessman has put out an appeal for the return of his sprinter van, without which he cannot make a living.

Ian Mawson runs Mawson Motors and is based in Greengates. He had been collecting and delivering hot tubs for Yorkshire Hot Tubs in Ilkley when disaster struck on May 27.

His sprinter van, with a HV27 HIAB crane attached, was stolen at 10:30pm. He said he managed to track it to Holbeck in Leeds before his phone ran out of charge.

Soon after the tracker was ripped out, making the van untraceable.

Mr Mawson is desperate to have it safely returned, as it is how he makes his living and he is unable to get work with Yorkshire Hot Tubs without a vehicle to use.

He spent £20,000 getting it to the specification that he wanted and cannot afford a new one, unless he sells off his caravan and several more valuable assets.

The subframe he had made to take the HIAB crane is welded on to the rear of the body just behind the rear wheels, and cost £1,500 alone.

He says that is easily recognisable as it was bespoke and powder coated in black.

Mr Mawson says he will offer a £2,000 reward to anyone who is able to help catch the thief/thieves and have the van safely returned with the HIAB attached.

He says the last known sighting of the vehicle was when he received a message from a Facebook user, who saw it at 11am on May 28 with the crane still attached.

The witness said that a white male in his 20s could be seen driving the vehicle.

If you are able to help out Mr Mawson with any further information regarding the whereabouts of the van, his phone number is 07711178588 and his full address is 1 Elder Street, Greengates, Bradford, BD10 0BS