A BRADFORD father has spoken of the terrifying moment he and his two daughters were almost wiped out by a car which ploughed through a wall into a churchyard.

Phil Daniels, from Nab Wood, was driving with his 14 and 11-year-old girls, Lucy-Jo and Aimee, in the car near to St Paul's churchyard in Shipley at around 5pm yesterday evening.

He said the vehicle, a grey Renault Zoe Dynamique, came out from the side of the swimming baths at a ridiculous speed.

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The 40-year-old said that he swerved sharply to avoid them and that the Renault then accelerated all the way through the wall.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The badly damaged Renault after the crash into St Paul's churchyardThe badly damaged Renault after the crash into St Paul's churchyard

The pair in the crashed car, the driver and a passenger, were taken to hospital as a precaution.

It was a lucky escape for Mr Daniels and his family too. He and Lucy-Jo escaped without injury, while Aimee suffered whiplash.

Speaking about the ordeal, Mr Daniels said: "The car came so fast around the corner that it ended up on my side of the road.


"In swerving to avoid it, I caused Aimee whiplash and she ended up being physically sick and hyperventilating in the car. She's a little traumatised by it all but she'll be okay.

"I was furious when it happened because they almost killed us. I got out to confront the people in the car, assuming it was two young idiots driving at speed.

"As I got closer, someone informed me that it was an elderly couple, so I left it as I thought the crash could have been caused by the driver falling ill at the wheel and their foot jarring down on the accelerator.

"I hope he or she is okay if that is the case."

Mr Daniels said that it was a lucky escape and mused: "It could have been worse. After missing me, the car continued to accelerate, straight through the T-junction and into the wall.

"At the time it happened, the junction could have been congested with traffic and the Renault might easily have ploughed straight into the side of another car.

"Given how out of control the car was, it would make sense if it was an older driver that had had a medical incident."

At least two ambulances and a police 4x4 were in attendance at the scene following the crash.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said a road traffic collision was reported to them at 5.05pm but that it has been recorded as a "damage only" incident and will not be investigated further.