An accountancy student has been jailed for three years and nine months for a “prolonged and terrifying” knifepoint robbery at a Bradford house.

Nomel Beugre had downed three bottles of wine before confronting his friend in a drunken jealous rage because he wrongly suspected he was after his girlfriend, Bradford Crown Court heard.

Beugre, 25, a postgraduate student, of Manor Row, Bradford, then robbed his victim, Willard Danda, of his phone and bank card, prosecutor Paul Nicholson said.

Beugre pleaded guilty to robbery and possession of a kitchen knife on February 18.

The court heard that he armed himself with the knife and went round to Mr Danda’s home where there was a party. He threatened him with the knife and rang other people urging them to come and join in the melee.

Beugre’s barrister, Jayne Beckett, said he had “fallen spectacularly from grace.”

Originally from the Ivory Coast, he had gained an accountancy degree in Leeds and was part-way through a Masters degree when was forced to put his studies on hold for financial reasons.

He was unable to pay his rent and became anxious and unfulfilled.

Beugre began drinking heavily and although, successful and intelligent, he was embittered and his mind was festering. He felt isolated from his family in London and he was upset that he was no longer able to give them financial help.

When he took the knife round to the house, he was acting in a bizarre manner that was completely out of character.

He demanded the phone and bank card from Mr Danda as punishment and retribution.

Mrs Beckett said that Beugre was “devastated and broken by his predicament.”

“There is an awful lot to him beyond the commission of these two offences,” she told the court.

The prison where he ended up would be “another world to him.”

Judge Jonathan Rose told Beugre: “You stand in the dock as a man who had everything.”

But he chose a “downward spiralling path” and began drinking to excess.

“You may have thought you had something to be jealous and concerned about, but you were wrong. This is all entirely your fault,” Judge Rose said.

Beugre went to the house when he was angry, drunk and armed with a potentially deadly weapon.

“This was an awful incident,” the judge said.

The defendant had used language “inappropriate for an educated man.”

Beugre was not a man of previous good character.

On January 23 this year, he was fined at Bradford and Keighley Magistrates Court for an offence of assault.

Judge Rose said he failed to learn from that conviction, committing the knifepoint robbery less than a month later.