THREE landowners have “expressed interest” in selling their sites as a possible future home of new crematoria in the district.

Bradford Council plans to replace two of its ageing crematoria, at Nab Wood and Scholemoor, and build two new facilities at other sites in the district.

Three sites in the South of the district were identified as possible replacements for Scholemoor, and two in the North chosen to possibly replace Nab Wood.

Originally Northcliffe Park in Shipley was considered as a possible site to replace Nab Wood, and Littlemoor Park, in Queensbury was listed as a possible site to replace Scholemoor Crematorium.

The decision to include two public parks on the site had proven controversial.

Earlier this year Northcliffe was removed from the list of possible sites, to the delight of objectors, but Scholemoor remains as an option.

Keeping Queensbury park on crematoria site list would "damage Council reputation" according to protestors

The other proposed sites are privately owned, but Bradford Council has never revealed their location.

Council bosses have previously said the preferred option was to build the new crematoria on one of the private sites.

At a meeting of the authority’s decision making Executive on Tuesday, members will be given an update on the plans.

They will be given details on the proposed designs of the new crematoria, as well as hearing updates on efforts to choose the sites.

Each new crematorium is predicted to cost £5.2 million, with the provision of on-site access roads, car parking, landscaping and gas/electric/water alterations taking that cost as high as £9 million for each site.

The proposed designs will allow up to 300 mourners to attend services.

The Council has said its existing crematoria are working beyond their lifespan, and new equipment that meets modern emissions standards are needed.

This equipment is too large for the existing crematoria, and new sites need to be found.

A report to the Executive says two preferred sites have been identified, although it does not disclose which ones they are. The owners of the three private sites have all “expressed an initial interest in possible disposal.”

It adds: “The two preferred sites identified in January are both privately owned and further meetings have been held with the respective land owners to commence negotiations.

“In order to facilitate the process, independent valuations of both sites have been instructed.

“Further meetings with the landowners have been arranged immediately following receipt of the valuation information. There has been no further work carried out to date on possible acquisition of the third private site.”

The Executive meets in City Hall at 10.30am on Tuesday.