BRADFORD's City Park is a riot of colour, music and dancing this afternoon as crowds celebrate Bradford Pride.

The event, now in its 14th year, is the annual celebration of the rich and diverse LGBT+ culture found in the city and across the district.

There's a whole host of entertainers, tribute acts and singers - including the X Factor's Marcus Collins.

Alongside the main event, the Peace Museum is also open.

Councillor Richard Dunbar, Bradford Council’s LGBT Champion, said: "We're so proud of Bradford right now, because it's a really community-focused pride.

"People are coming together -we've set a very clear message saying everybody is welcome here.

"The absolutely important thing is why Pride exists. Fifty years ago, the Stonewall Riots happened, so that's a momentous time in our history, where LGBT people took a stand and said 'we are not taking the abuse we are receiving anymore'.

"That's what this is about - it's coming together, saying we accept you.

"We're a City of Sanctuary, we are a diverse city. It's about people coming here, feeling safe and actually saying 'we do matter, we do have a voice'."

Jason Courcoux, Bradford Pride Chair, said the event has a "proper community feel".

"It's important for every community to show that LGBT+ communities have come so far from all of the issues we've had previously and it's looking at the future problems and just saying 'look we're here, LGBT+ communities are here and they are a part of the community, let's embrace it and enjoy it'."

Katherine Grasham, 26, was among crowds enjoying the celebration this afternoon.

She said: "I just moved to Bradford and it's just really great timing that this is this weekend because it just makes me feel more at home here, knowing there are people who are really accepting of who I am.

"It's a really great atmosphere, I love Bradford as a city, people are really friendly - we're having a really great time."

Speaking about why events like Pride are so important, she added: "I think there's still a lot of work to be done.

"Stuff like this, that can raise awareness and bring people together is always going to be a good thing."

Cerys Brady, 18, praised the event's atmosphere and said it was better than last year.

She added that Pride gives people a chance to express themselves in a safe environment.

While Phil Bancroft, 55, said: "We've been to the last few and the atmosphere is great.

"It's getting a lot of people together that don't normally come together and it's just great.

"It brings Bradford together."