Each week, we profile a different member of the Telegraph & Argus Camera Club and publish their favourite images. This week, it's the turn of author and property photographer MARK DAVIS, from Keighley

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

How did you get into photography?

I was late getting into photography. I didn't pick up a camera until 2008 when I decided to photograph my house which was for sale and the agents images were not up to scratch.

From that moment on I became captivated with photography.

I now photograph houses for major house builders and also provide services for lifestyle holiday cottages all over the North of England for a living. In addition, I have produced twelve books  of which the latest was published just  last month.

Look out for me in the documentary Eugenics And Me, which will be aired on BBC4 in early Summer.

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Who or what inspired you most?

Always my inspiration is the abandoned and forlorn,  at one point I travelled as far as Ireland photographing Magdalen Laundries and former Lunatic Asylums.

I love discovering the way light plays a key feature in determining the difference between an informative photograph over one that truly captures the atmosphere.

What is your favourite kit?

I currently shoot with a Canon 5d mk4 coupled to a 16-35mm f2.8 L series lens.

This kit really works for me and together we bring home the bacon.

I also have two canon 5d mk3's and a mk2 with various lenses but my preferred lens is the 16-35.

I have a manfrotto tripod with a trigger grip that has never let me down. I always carry a Klarus torch in my kit bag because you never know when it might just prove useful.

What's your advice for any new photographers?

Always my advice for anyone picking up a camera and starting out is "just enjoy yourself". The rules are "there are no rules!"

Tell us about your favourite pictures

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Top Withen's - Haworth Moor

This image was taken at four am on a glorious May Morning in 2016. The two hour hike across the misty moor at pre dawn to get there was a small price to pay to see this wonderful scene come alive with the morning sun. Top Withen's is believed to be the  inspirational model for Emily Bronte's classic love story, Wuthering Heights. This image features in my book 'The Bronte's Through Time.'

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

The Ballroom at the former Hellingly Asylum, East Sussex

I love this photograph of the now demolished ballroom at the former Hellingly lunatic asylum.   The ballroom was always the heart of the asylum where patients and staff alike would come together for events like the annual dance. Strict segregation normally kept men and women apart so this room was a special part of the vast sprawling institution. The colours and attention to detail were mind blowing and I was delighted to be taking this image home in my camera. This photograph features in my book 'Inside the Pauper Lunatic Asylum.'

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Snowy Sunset at Lincoln

After being caught in the most awful blizzard I was delighted when for just a short space of time the snow stopped and the sun popped out just minutes before sunset. This is one of my favourite images and just goes to prove in the world of photography that anything is possible.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

The Gated Corridor - The former Menston Asylum, High Royds Hospital

I particularly like photographing abandoned buildings but in particular former Lunatic asylums for their atmosphere and wealth of corridors, tiles and Victorian features.  This photograph takes in the Ballroom corridor within the spectacular clock tower at the now closed High Royds Hospital.   The gate seen in the distance was a prop for the 2005 film 'Asylum' starring Natasha Richardson.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

New Mill at Saltaire

I took this picture in February about five years ago of the New Mill, which is part of the vast UNESCO World Heritage site that is Salts mill complex and village. The blue tint is natural and I have never since managed to replicate the colours.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Secret Bradford

I have written four books about Bradford, Murder by Gaslight in Victorian Bradford, Bradford Through Time,  Necropolis City of the Dead and Secret Bradford.   Secret Bradford is my favourite.  The book explores abandoned places in the district including many old mills and the iconic former Odeon.  The cover image is of the Wool Exchange looking towards City Hall taken from a nearby rooftop.

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