AN all-through school has been celebrating after its rating improved from requires improvement to Good following a recent Ofsted inspection.

Dixons Allerton Academy, in Rhodesway, was praised by inspectors for its improved student outcomes, and students’ positivity, behaviour and attendance.

The school has more than 1,800 students on its roll, from early years through to sixth form.

In last year’s GCSE exams, the school placed in the top one per cent nationally for student progress, and topped the tables locally for Post-16 results.

In the report, Ofsted said: “The clear vision set by the principal permeates the school and is shared by pupils and staff.

“Effective action by leaders, including governors, and support from the trust have resulted in improvements to many aspects of the school.

“Robust checks by leaders on the quality of teaching and effective professional development for staff have resulted in good teaching across the school.

“Staff morale is high. Staff feel that leaders support them and consider their well-being.

“Pupils’ outcomes have improved since the previous inspection. Pupils, including those with special educational needs or disabilities and those who are disadvantaged, make good progress across most subjects in the curriculum.

“Children in the early years are happy at school and are cared for well. They make good progress.

“Most pupils demonstrate positive attitudes towards their learning and are proud of their school.

“Pupils typically have good attendance and behave well.


“Sixth-form students make good progress because of effective teaching. However, leaders acknowledge the need to strengthen the personal development programme further in the sixth form.”

However, it was also told it needs to improve in some areas, including giving staff opportunities to share best practice with each other.

The school also needs to further increase quality of teaching and its sixth form curriculum, and identify why some students leave the school to be educated at home to see if there are any patterns which can be acted upon.

Principal Gary Dreher said: “I am delighted with the enormous progress we have made and I am extremely proud of all we have achieved.

“We are thrilled the inspection team recognised the exceptional outcomes across all phases in the academy.

“This is a testament to the relentless commitment and hard work of the staff at Dixons Allerton, excellent attitudes to learning from students, and support received from parents, governors and the community.

“To work with Dixons Allerton students is a true privilege. It is also humbling and inspiring to work with a staff team who are wholeheartedly determined to put the students first and create a great school.”

Dixons Allerton was formerly Rhodesway School until Dixons Academies Trust took the school over in 2009.

Luke Sparkes, executive principal at Dixons Academies Trust, added: “Dixons Allerton is unrecognisable from the school we inherited and this Ofsted report is the best in the school’s history.

“To be judged Good in all areas is a significant achievement and I’m really proud of our exceptional students and staff who have worked incredibly hard to deliver an era of change at Dixons Allerton.

“Our main focus now as a Trust is to consolidate the significant improvement in standards for students at Dixons Allerton over the past few years.

“What matters most to us is that our students achieve success in high-value qualifications and also leave as kind, courteous, confident and hard-working young people.”