THE Brexit Party enjoyed a massive surge in support from voters in Yorkshire and the Humber during the European elections - but the results illustrate how split the region is on leaving the EU.

Brexit Party candidates John Longworth, Lucy Elizabeth Harris and Jake Pugh were elected alongside Labour's Richard Corbett, the Liberal Democrats' Shaffaq Mohammed and the Green Party's Magid Magid,.

So the region returned three MEPs in favour of Brexit, two MEPs in favour of Remain - and one Labour MEP..

The count was held at at Leeds Town Hall and the announcement came at 11.30pm yesterday.

The result was hailed as another triumph for Nigel Farage and the Brexit Part. It polled more than twice as many votes as the Labour Party.

When all the votes had been counted, the Brexity Party finished with 470,351 votes with Labour on a disappointing 210,516.

In Bradford itself the voting was strongly in favour of the Brexit Party with Labour and the Lib Dems in second and third.

Party result of the 2019 European parilamentary election in the

Change UK – The Independent Group - 1,948

Conservative and Unionist Party- 7,521

English Democrats - 966

Green Party - 12,401

Labour Party - 32,399

Liberal Democrats - 15,882

The Brexit Party - 33,567

The Yorkshire Party - 3,596

UK Independence Party (UKIP) - 4,169

Electorate: 352,969