BRADFORD residents who have started the 'Bradford 4 Better' campaign group to try and stop dangerous driving in the city have been standing with banners in Leeds Road this weekend.

The group, which only began on April 6, already has a loyal band of supporters on Whatsapp and Facebook which bears the slogan 'We've had enough!'.

They said they intend to stand in Leeds Road, on the corner with Killinghall Road, each Saturday until the police and council take notice of their actions.

Already over the past few days they have held a vigil in Great Horton Road and Centenary Square.

On Saturday, waving banners, the mostly women and children group called for support from passing motorists to sound their horns, which many did.

The messages they were sending out read 'kill your speed, not a child' 'dob a dangerous driver', 'safe roads', 'silence is consent' and 'don't use your mobile phone'.

"The roads are getting increasingly dangerous and nothing seems to be being done so that is why we started Bradford 4 Better," said campaigner Inayah Sher.

"It is dangerous for us and our children and other road users and puts lives at risk and causes misery.

"We are also concerned about the drug dealing that goes on and which is often associated with dangerous driving. We want the police and council to do something about it because it is not getting any better."

Supporter Anwar Fatima added: "You just don't feel safe on the roads, even driving a bigger car does not help. There was an accident at this junction yesterday evening which caused chaos. No one would move. It was gridlocked with people not giving way and it was a long time before it was cleared.

"There are cameras at the bottom of Leeds Road but not at this crossroads, and there should be. There needs to be cameras here too to deter people from driving as they do."

Her daughter, Laila Verbeek, 9, accompanied her on the vigil. She said: "I feel cars go too fast and cause a problem to children who walk to school when they are speeding past. It is not safe."

Supporting the vigil was Councillor Riaz Ahmed (Lib Dem, Bradford Moor) who said: "I fully support this campaign and think it is a very good idea. The initiative has been taken up by these concerned women.

"The police and council have a vital role to play in this and I intend to bring this up with the council to see what can be done."

Cllr Ahmed said people are showing how concerned they are with the state of some of the driving habits around Bradford and said they should be listened to.

A social media message by the Steerside Enforcement Team on Saturday stated that, since the start of May, Steerside officers have seized 59 vehicles, made five arrests, issued 31 tickets and reported 17 people for summons.

"This is on top of the dozens of logs we’ve attended and intelligence/research work undertaken," the report said.

Formerly known as Operation Steerside, which was set up in 2016 and has dealt with tens of thousands of dangerous drivers, as well as seizing more than 1,000 vehicles, the new Steerside Enforcement Team was formed in January.

The team says it will be launching a new online portal for submissions, such as for dashcam footage, in the near future, along with dedicated new staff to follow up every submission. Reports of dangerous driving can also be emailed to: