THERE was just one fly in the ointment when the Canal Road Cycleway was officially opened to the public yesterday.

A group of cyclists ignored the clearly marked route to ride two-abreast, on the busy road just minutes after the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Councillor Taj Salam said he was ‘disappointed’ that some riders had chosen to shun the specially-created lanes.

The £3.1 million, 1.4-mile Canal Road Cycleway provides the missing link in the cycling infrastructure between the city and Shipley and creates a safe route for cyclists through the district.

Constructed as part of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s £60 million CityConnect programme, the cycleway aims to encourage more people to travel by bicycle or on foot.

The route runs along Hillam Road, Bolton Lane and Valley Road, coming to an end in the city centre in Lower Kirkgate, close to the Bradford Forster Square railway station.

“I am disappointed to think there are irresponsible riders out there who want to ignore the new route and carry on cycling in the road,” said Cllr Salam.

“We are delighted with the route. It provides a safe environment for cyclists as well as making the route safer for other road users as they are not having to negotiate them on the road so it is sad to hear people are choosing to ignore it.”