A BRADFORD cabbie living a parallel life as an actor has revealed his latest starring role in an upcoming Pakistani romantic comedy film.

Last December, Mehmood Sultan received a call from director Yasir Nawaz, who asked if he would like to play his part in a wedding scene for Wrong No. 2.

The cab driver said he takes any chance to run away to the acting world, whether it’s working on set in Bangkok or spending time with stars-turned-friends.

Mr Sultan said: “I’m very happy. I enjoy it because I say my actors are my family, some new, some old.”

His latest film role is in the sequel to Wrong No. (2015) produced by industry giants Hassan Zia and Sheikh Amjad Rasheed.

These days people need a comedy. We are stretched everywhere.
- Mehmood Sultan

The story centres around rich heiress Zoya who falls in love with a man lower than her in financial status.

Their tale of love starts off with plenty of complications which seem to get worse instead of dying down. With a series of love interests, family drama and misfortune, the characters get stuck on a crazy ride of romance and emotions.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Mehmood Sultan in the Wrong No. 2Mehmood Sultan in the Wrong No. 2

Mr Sultan said: “These days people need a comedy. We are stretched everywhere.”

The film has an all-star cast including Neelum Munir, Sami Khan, Jawaid Sheikh, Danish and Yasir Nawaz, and Ahmed Hassan, among others.

Mr Sultan is hoping to watch the film at least four times with his friends and family at the cinema once released this Eid al-Fitr. And it won’t be the first time the actor has swept his relatives into his starry world with a career spanning back to 1970.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Mehmood Sultan pictured with Neelam MuneerMehmood Sultan pictured with Neelam Muneer

Whilst on set in Actor In Law the grandfather took his then nine-year-old granddaughter, Madhia Kaynard, behind the scenes.

Mr Sultan is hopeful he can bring his four grandchildren on his travels as they grow up.

But in the meantime the cabbie will be working as usual and having his photo taken with eagle-eyed customers who recognise him.

Mr Sultan can be seen in the new film arranging a nikah - a contract signed between the bride and groom during Muslim wedding ceremonies.

The actor has taken on roles in radio, TV, stage and film throughout the years.

He told the Telegraph & Argus he says ‘yes’ to any role he can get, whether it’s as a film extra or on local television.

Mr Sultan previously acted in the thriller film Lies We Tell, which was filmed around Bradford and Keighley.

He said: “Everyone was friendly on set. I loved it.

“I don’t mind what I do, I do acting.”