A BRADFORD motorist who was sent two Penalty Charge Notices after his car was pictured twice in a bus lane 14 seconds apart has warned other motorists to appeal if they are in the same situation.

David McLean's daughter-in-law strayed into the bus lane outside the Illingworth's mill on Thornton Road 29 seconds before the end of the banned period at 6.29pm and 31 seconds on Bank Holiday Monday.

He accepted she was in the wrong and paid the fine but a couple of days later he received another letter - this time the car was pictured by a different set of cameras just 14 seconds later at 6.29 and 45 seconds.

"I paid the fine and took it on the chin," said Mr McLean. "Then a second one came through.

"I thought I can't get prosecuted for the same offence twice."

He said he thought the fact that if motorists pay up within 14 days they get the £60 fine cut in half that might encourage them to settle rather than think about appealing.

"I'm concerned how many people just pay it," he added.

"I phoned the council but they don't listen.

"I couldn't appeal over the phone. I was incensed. Common sense must prevail, it's just a money-making exercise.

The Allerton PTS ambulance driver said he was not going to pay the second fine until 13 days had elapsed if he did have to pay but the council called him on Thursday to say they had cancelled the second PCN because it is a continuous bus lane.

"It's not the money, it's the principle.

"How many other people have been caught by thm? How many people have paid two tickets?

"Why should I appeal when I haven't been in the wrong.

"It's ludicrous. If you get a parking fine, you can leave a car all day and just get one fine."

A spokesperson for Bradford Council said: “We cannot discuss individual cases but it is possible for a vehicle to be caught on more than one camera in a short space of time if the vehicle remains in the same bus lane for any distance.

“This would automatically generate more than one Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) but in the interests of fairness we would not enforce the payment of more than one, if it is incurred as part of the same incident.

“In those circumstances we would advise any motorist to appeal against any subsequent PCNs and ask for them to be cancelled.

“Information about how to appeal is contained on the Bradford Council website. Motorists can appeal on-line or by writing to the Council. If the motorist cannot access our website they should call 01274 43100 for help.”