AN illegal motor bike was seized in the outer city region of Bradford last night, with West Yorkshire Police - Bradford West officers issuing a warning about the use of vehicles like this.

PC Cahill and PCSO Gelder were passing through Rugby Place when they noticed a young rider using the vehicle and spent 20 minutes educating him on the dangers, the rules and Highway Code.

On Facebook, they wrote: "The offences would have racked up to 18 points on a ghost licence he had not yet considered he would be applying for a year later.

"The thought and thrill of racing around the streets is attractive to young people, but we must guide them to make the right choices.

"Luckily the consequences on this occasion are a loss of £200, as the bike will be crushed, and an angry uncle. Thankfully nobody was hurt or any damage caused.

"These machines can only be used on private land with permission. They need to be carried to the land without being ridden on the road/path.

"Unless you're in the fortunate position to own land, then we advise parents and family members not to buy them in the first place."

Any information in relation to nuisance riders can be passed to