BRADFORD West MP Naz Shah (Labour) spoke passionately yesterday afternoon at a gathering in Centenary Square, highlighting the importance of community groups in the city.

Her good friend, Inayah Sher, is driving the Bradford4Better campaign, which is determined to rid the city of the scourge of dangerous driving, quad bikes, drug dealing and littering.

Ms Shah has spoken out in the past about the need to have tougher punishments for danger drivers.

She was therefore delighted to see the community come together yesterday as part of Bradford4Better.

She said: "I couldn't not be here. I'm so proud of Inayah. She is a good friend who I've known for 18 years and worked with in the past.

"Communities often have their own solution and this community is now saying that enough is enough.

"It's crucial for Bradfordians to come together because things like danger driving and littering are a real blight on our city.

"It's really impressive to see so many women lead the way here as part of an empowered group."

Ms Shah said the campaigners at the gathering needed more support from those in power.

She said: "These people are all volunteers and they should be getting more support. Bradford needs support as much as anywhere.

"But Tory austerity means a lot of community centres and community groups across the country have been forced to shut down.

"We're always fighting cutbacks and money just isn't available from the government and the council.

"These people (Bradford4Better) have come together almost out of desperation but I am very proud of what they're doing."