CONCERNED Bradfordians are rallying together to send a strong message against those who blight Bradford’s streets.

The Bradford4Better group only met for the first time last month, but those involved are determined to say ‘enough is enough’ and rid the city of the scourge of dangerous driving, quad bikes and drug dealing.

They are now urging people to join them in Centenary Square on Saturday to stand shoulder to shoulder and send a clear signal that the city will not stand for it.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter,” is the campaign’s message.

Inayah Sher, 50, spoke to the Telegraph & Argus about the difference she hopes the campaign and event can make.

She said: “We are just frustrated with everything that’s happening with quadbikes, driving and drug dealing. Its not getting any better - it’s getting worse.”

“Enough is enough,” the grandmother-of-three said and added:”If we don’t say ‘NO’, then they are going to take over and we are concerned about our future, our children, our grandkids.”

“There’s so many wonderful things happening in Bradford,” she said. “There’s so many good things people are doing.

“We thought, as a community, if we develop a group, it may create the awareness.”

Those involved first met back in early April, but Inayah said the group is growing, with a Whatsapp group and a Facebook page.

Bradford’s problems with nuisance and dangerous drivers are well documented.

The Telegraph & Argus has its own ‘Stop the Danger Drivers’ campaign and police operate the Steerside Enforcement Team in a bid to tackle anti-social and criminal use of the roads.

Only yesterday, officers said they detained a “very drunk driver” after he ran two red lights and almost caused a crash.

And earlier this month, dramatic CCTV footage emerged of a quad bike slamming into railings at speed on Manchester Road.

Inayah said driving, the main issue, is “uncontrollable”, but they are also concerned about quad bikes.

“One lady said her child was nearly knocked over. It’s creating a lot of fear in young children,” she said.

“We are using this as a platform. The bad behaviour is becoming the norm.

“Bradford is a wonderful city, it has given us so much joy in the past - we can turn it around.

“We just have to stand together with everybody - we’ve got to find a solution to this problem.”

The campaign also wants to tackle problems caused by wedding cars travelling in groups, “creating chaos” and issues around fireworks.

An event will be held in Centenary Square tomorrow, from 2.30pm until 4.30pm, and people are being encouraged to go along to show their support.

It’s understood Bradford West MP Naz Shah will be attending.

Inayah said: “We’ve talked about it enough - but it’s now time to take action.”

For more information, search Friends of Bradford on Facebook.