INSPIRED through his life changing experience Richard Hannam is eager to pass on the benefits to others.

Next month Richard will join Slimming World’s consultants - becoming one of only four male Slimming World consultants in West Yorkshire - and despite joining a predominantly female-orientated environment, he’s looking forward to launching his new class in his home city of Bradford.

“I like talking to people, giving people ideas and helping people so it’s something I am looking forward to,” says Richard, whose day job is working in logistics as transport manager for Peckover Transport in his home city of Bradford.

Richard appreciates losing weight isn’t easy but he has proved with the right attitude, commitment and determination, it can be done.

Richard was 21st 51lb when he signed up to his local Slimming World session at Idle Baptist Church on August 23 2016.

By Christmas he had lost three stone and has continued to lose weight - recently reaching his six stone target.

Richard’s impetus for shedding the pounds was being concious about his health. He was 33 when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes which he initially controlled with medication before being put on insulin.

But during his weight loss journey Richard recalls the readings he produced during check-ups at his diabetic clinic ‘were those of a non-diabetic.’

As well as overhauling his diet which previously consisted of sweets, chocolate and takeaways, Richard also transformed his lifestyle.

But he admits he wouldn’t have done it had it not been for his pal, Paul Hartley. They met while working for Peckover Transport.

Paul’s weight loss progress prompted Richard to join. “If it hadn’t been for my mate I wouldn’t have plucked up the courage to walk through the door, “ says Richard.

At that time Richard’s wife, Beverley, joined along with his brother and now Richard is hoping to inspire others to follow suit and change their lives too when he becomes a consultant for Slimming World.

He is currently training for the role which he will take on in June when he launches his class at Bolton Woods.

Says Richard: “I actually feel amazing regarding me opening my own group knowing what I have achieved I am going to be helping others to achieve the same.”

Richard also credits his success to his Slimming World consultant, Nicola Barker.

“I can’t believe the effect Slimming World and Nicola have had on me. Nicola is not only an amazing consultant and role model but has become a very good friend along my journey.”

As well as being life-changing, Richard’s weight loss journey has had a positive impact on his health. “It got to a point in my life where I knew I had to do something and change my lifestyle. My weight and my health was suffering and something had to change. Because the way Slimming World has helped me achieve my dreams is why I now want to be a consultant.

“Being insulin dependent diabetic when I started, to not taking any medication at all and feeling full of life,” he says.

Richard reached his six stone target on February 28. Now he is looking forward to inspiring others to embark on their own life-changing journey and achieve their weight loss ambition.

He launches his Slimming World class on Wednesday June 19 at St James community hall, Beaufort Grove, Off Bolton Road, Bradford.

Nicola Barker, Richard’s Slimming World consultant, says: “Richard is a Slimming sensation - so passionate, so enthusiastic about Slimming World I’m so excited for him to be taking this next step.

“Having lost over six stone with Slimming World, reversing diabetes and achieving his own personal weight loss dream this was naturally the next step for him. His desire to help people lose weight is infectious - it radiates out of him!”

* Company-wide, out of Slimming World’s 5,000 consultants, more than 270 are men.

* Currently, around 8.4 per cent of members in group are male.

Richard hopes to encourage more men to get involved: “I am absolutely honoured to be a small part of such an organisation and I would love more men to be part of it with my help. I want to show them it is ok for them to attend a group and also help and show them what they can achieve from it. It isn’t just for women, it is for everyone. Hopefully my story will help men realise that they can also do this and I will be there at the other side of the door when they first walk in. My aim is to prove it isn’t a female world and hopefully bring more men through our doors and be able to change their lives like it has mine.”

Adds Nicola: “I just know Richard will bring fun, support, and excitement to any member attending his group. And give local men the confidence to walk through the doors - it’s not just a woman’s world at Slimming World - men can come along too!”

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