MOST people would expect emotional support animals to be cats or dogs, but as our lead story on this page shows, they can be far more obscure than that, with even kangaroos forming as close companions.

Paula Bavill, from Wakefield, takes her pet skunk Pongo with her to public events, as a way of coping with her mental health struggles.

Domestic skunks do not tend to spray unless they feel threatened, so ones like Paula's are unlikely to stink the place out when they are in public.

Emotional support animals are more widely known about in the USA, where unlike the UK, there are clear policies or guidelines which allow them to attend public events.

The range of animals that are there to offer emotional support is quite extraordinary.

Farm favourites such as pigs and turkeys are regularly used by people, while cute pet hedgehogs are also common.

More exotic animals include the aforementioned kangaroos, as well as monkeys. You could even get yourself a miniature horse or a Capuchin monkey.