A ram raid involving three men, a Mitsubishi Shogun and a Mercedes ML has occurred at S&S Jewellers on Leeds Road in Bradford at noon today.


Video footage sent to the Telegraph & Argus by Pti Wing at around 1pm appears to show suspects fleeing the scene.

Mohammad Afzal, from Leeds, contacted the Telegraph & Argus at around 12:20pm to alert us of the situation.

Mr Afzal explained: "I'd gone shopping a couple of doors down and as I was coming out, I saw the Mitsubishi reverse into the shop and two men jumped out.

"After they'd done what they had to do, they ran out of the shop.

"A driver in a Mercedes ML then pulled up and the three of them escaped in that.

"I would have tried to tackle them myself but they looked like pretty big guys."

Video footage sent in by Mr Afzal appears to show the offending Mitsubishi Shogun at the scene, with people being warned not to touch it as it will have fingerprints on it.

Tariq Masmood works at Yadgaar’s bakery a couple of doors down from S&S Jewellers.

The 52-year-old expressed his shock at what had happened when speaking to us at around 2pm today.

He said: “I’d opened up at around 12pm due to Ramadan so I just missed what had happened.

“I don’t know the man who runs it by name but I know his face because he often comes in and buys things from me. He’s a lovely guy.

“I’ve been round to see him since the raid and he is still very upset.

“He didn’t seem too badly hurt but I noticed he was holding a tissue with blood on it, which could have been a result of what happened. 

“I just went in to say that I was really sorry about what had happened. The raiders were only in there for a few seconds but it has left all of us worried about our businesses. 

“People are still outside and so are the police. The road is still cordoned off too.”

Ward Councillor Mohammed Shafiq (Labour, Bradford Moor) said: "The shop is within my local ward and I am deeply concerned to learn about a daylight attack on a local jewellers.

"It is absolutely unacceptable and I would urge the local community to pass information on to police to prevent any further incidents like this."

We are still awaiting a comment on the incident from West Yorkshire Police.